Jack O'Connell thinks Dame Judi Dench ''fancies'' him.

The 24-year-old actor has a huge crush on his 'Tulip Fever' co-star and is convinced the 79-year-old actress - whose husband Michael Williams died in 2001 - shares his feelings.

The single star said: ''I fancy her. I really fancy her. I think she fancies me.

''I bought her a bottle of Moet [champagne] and she kissed me on my cheek. Then she said, 'Goodbye darling boy.'

''Can I quote something else she said: She turned to me and she went, 'Sock it to 'em, Jack.' ''

Jack has recently been working on 'Unbroken', which is directed by Angelina Jolie and says both the brunette beauty and her husband, Brad Pitt, got along well with his family.

He told Britain's Glamour magazine: ''There was one occasion since 'Unbroken', when we were all in London, and Angie invited us for some dinner and Brad was there.

''I had a word with Angie and said, 'Look, do you reckon Brad would say hello to my mum?' and she said, 'Yeah! And the rest.'

''My mum was talking to him as if he was one of our [family], and he must have warmed to her.

''People do warm to that about my mum. 20 minutes later, they'd become pals.''