Jack Nicholson's ex has reportedly been caught up in a public brawl scandal after her boyfriend beat up two men in a Santa Monica, California, restaurant. Police were called to trendy Benihana's after Rebecca Broussard's tough guy beau MICHAEL MATOSEK started scrapping with two fellow diners. Nicholson's two children with Broussard watched as the three men fought in front of them, to the horror of staff and diners. Eyewitnesses tell America's National Enquirer the fight was sparked when the two young men stopped by Broussard's table to say hello. A source says, "Matosek jumped up and screamed at them, 'You're not invited to our party.' "He grabbed them by their throats, one with each hand, and pushed them out of the restaurant. On the way out they knocked over a toddler in a high-chair." Matosek was later arrested and led away in handcuffs, according to the publication. The two victims are refusing to press charges.