Jack Nicholson tormented his co-star Leonardo Dicaprio with a fire extinguisher and a threat to set him on fire during one intimidation scene in new movie THE DEPARTED. The movie veteran was disappointed with his own performance as a villainous mob boss in the film and decided he had to take measures to get the best out of his character and that of co-star DiCaprio. DiCaprio recalls, "We did this table scene in a bar, where he's interrogating my character, and he says to MARTY (SCORSESE - director) that he didn't think he was intimidating enough. "The next day we came in and the prop guy told me to be careful. He said, 'He's got a fire extinguisher and a gun and some matches and a bottle of whisky.' "Some things that he did that day are in the film. I was terrified. "It helped me to embody this character who has to relay to the audience, in a sense, a constant 24-hour panic attack that I'm going through for my life, surrounded by people that would literally blow my head off if I gave them any indication that I was who I was. "In the scene, my character is sitting across the table from a homicidal maniac, who will maybe light me on fire! It gave my character a whole new dynamic and shifted the scene in a different direction."