Jack Nicholson helped re-write the script for his new movie with legendary director Martin Scorsese, because he felt the sex scenes needed spicing up.

Nicholson stars alongside Matt Damon and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO in thriller THE DEPARTED, a remake of Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs, due for release next year (06).

According to reports, the actor wanted to make his character - an Irish-American gangster - a little more like himself, and more of an animal in the bedroom.

A source tells the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, "Jack didn't feel there was enough Jack in his character.

"Jack actually did some of the writing himself."

The insider adds of the sex scenes, "Jack suggested using a (prosthetic appendage). He also wanted to dust the a** of one of the actresses with cocaine. Marty said, 'Go for it!'"

A WARNER BROS spokesman adds, "It's not at all uncommon for dialogue to be fine-tuned during production. Everyone is extremely pleased with the way this shoot is proceeding."

21/06/2005 17:11