Movie legend Jack Nicholson is more than content with the actors and directors he's already worked with - and he'd happily work with them again instead of with up-and-coming Hollywood talent.

The AS GOOD AS IT GETS superstar would rather make movies with directors like his pal SEAN PENN - who has directed him in two pictures including THE PLEDGE - in future.

When asked who he'd like to work with, Nicholson says, "Well, this may surprise ya, but not one of the younger directors - not unless it was someone like JIM (James) BROOKS or Sean Penn.

"The rest don't really interest me. Truth be told, I would far rather work with a lot of the people I've had very happy experiences with in the past, rather than casting around for new talent."

Nicholson's illustrious career includes working with directors Alexander PAYNE (About Schmidt), Tim Burton (Batman) and Roman Polanski (CHINATOWN).

He says, "But with the advancing years, that cast is getting a little more, erm, 'select'.

"But there are a lot of very interesting young actors out there, that's for sure. And a lot of very good-looking girls!"

26/03/2004 20:07