Aging lothario Jack Nicholson made one of his female fan's dreams come true recently when he obliged to a request for a smooch - he planted the kiss on her lips. The Hollywood star, 70, was leaving London restaurant The Wolseley on Tuesday night (22Jan08) when Phil Poulton, accompanied by his wife Lesley, called out to Nicholson to give his mother-in-law Wendy a kiss. Much to the group's surprise, Nicholson agreed, but in his eagerness the star grabbed 38-year-old Lesley instead of her mum.. Mr. Poulton recalls, "He just got hold of my wife and started snogging (kissing) her. Everyone just collapsed laughing. I couldn't believe it." When he was alerted to his mistake, Nicholson simply smiled and turned to 64-year-old Wendy - landing a big kiss on her lips too. Poulton adds, "It was just such a fantastic moment. He stopped kissing my wife and turned his attention to Wendy. He lifted his sunglasses over his forehead and snogged her too. "He just couldn't have been nicer about it. He was absolutely brilliant."