Jack Nicholson is looking for love at 70, admitting he has been single for too long. The legendary lothario, whose ex-girlfriends include Lara Flynn Boyle and Anjelica Huston, confesses he is still a "fool for love". He says, "I never minded being a fool for love. It's nice to have a place to be foolish. Ask any old friend of mine, they'll say, 'Jack's pretty smart, but in this area the man is beyond the pale. Don't ask him anything about love. Or if you ask him, don't listen to him." But Nicholson laments he has to change his seduction technique as he grows older: "I can't hit on a girl in public like I used to. I never thought words like 'undignified' would come into my own reflections on myself, but I can't do it anymore." And, despite his reputation for pursuing younger women, the Oscar winner insists he would accept a lover closer to his own age, adding, "Every year I like to cover a broad spectrum. But you know? I've been single for quite a long time."