Legendary actor Jack Nicholson has shrugged off his hellraising reputation, insisting old age has forced him to put a stop to his wild ways. The 70-year-old is notorious for his party-loving lifestyle and penchant for beautiful women, but the lothario admits his ageing body is letting him down. The Batman star says, "You're never too old. But I'm not as wild as I used to be. I found out those days had gone when I made The Shining. I thought: 'I'm going to burn London to the ground every night!' A few weeks into filming I jumped over a wall and I was out, hurt my back and I was laid up for eight weeks. "That started me thinking, 'Hey maybe I should pay attention to my job and not think about how wild I can be.' I'm a quieter, more introspective man than I was 20 years ago."