Jack Nicholson revived his villainous JOKER at a baseball game on Monday (20Jul09), spooking a mascot who donned a Batman costume to taunt him in front of fans.
Sports enthusiast Nicholson was spotted at the major league game between the Cubs and the Phillies at the Citizen's Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The furry green Phillie Phanatic mascot refused to let the actor enjoy a peaceful day at the ballpark, playing Batman theme music in the stadium and putting on the Caped Crusader's outfit to hop around in front of Nicholson between innings.
But the Hollywood legend, who played the evil Joker in 1989's Batman, wasn't about to be outdone - he wiggled his fingers at the mascot and mouthed the words, "Come on!", much to the delight of the 46,000 fans watching the scene unfold on jumbo screens overhead.