Veteran actor Jack Nicholson has dismissed claims made in a new book that he has an illegitimate handicapped son and that he's done everything in his power to keep the news a secret. Author Dennis MCDouglas makes the accusations in his forthcoming unauthorised Nicholson biography Five Easy Decades. The writer claims the Oscar winner has more than his acknowledged six children - four of whom were conceived outside marriage - and that he has a further two illegitimate kids, although he fails to identify either. MCDouglas, who incorrectly alleges five, and not four, of Nicholson's children are illegitimate, writes: "There are two other possibles whom those closest to Jack whisper about, including one young man who lives with handicaps brought on by his actress mother's drug abuse... "These are among the closely held secrets he has generally succeeded in keeping from his fans. But Nicholson's lawyer Abe Somer has poured scorn on MCDouglas' claims. He tells website, "The allegations of the handicapped son are false and inaccurate. There is no handicapped son of Mr. Nicholson."