Movie veteran Jack Nicholson has defended the 2008 Oscars after critics savaged the telecast, which suffered terrible TV ratings in America. The Academy Awards show was snubbed by millions of TV viewers - it attracted the lowest audience figures since 1974. But The Shining star, who sat in the front row throughout the event, insists it was still a "tremendous" evening, even though not everything at the ceremony was to his liking. He tells, "I like the spirit of the Oscars. I think what happened this year was the Oscars had an indigenous quality. The acting categories were tremendous. "The pictures themselves were not necessarily pictures that the public connected with. I like the Oscars because it's not exactly the way I want it. It's basically good for everybody. "Every kind of actor is represented in there. I do think there are too many other awards shows. There are too many self-congratulations."