Hollywood veteran Jack Nicholson has a new hobby inspired by his latest film - comforting cancer victims on their deathbeds. The SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE star began visiting the cancer wing at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles to research his role in THE BUCKET LIST, in which he plays a cancer sufferer on the run. But the 69-year has continued to visit the hospital after finishing filming the Rob Reiner-directed comedy. A hospital worker says, "He jokes and plays cards with them for hours on end. He brings DVDs of his movies and talks them through what happened behind the scenes. "Jack tries to stop by as many beds as he can. He treats the patients like long lost friends and the way he's raising their spirits is remarkable. "But the smile vanishes from his face as he leaves. He feels terrible knowing he's maybe seen some of them for the last time."