Hollywood heavyweight Jack Nicholson has thrown his support behind Hillary Clinton's U.S. presidential campaign, with an internet ad backing her as the "sexy" candidate. Nicholson enlisted director pal Rob Reiner to edit scenes from his most famous movies, including Batman, The Shining and A Few Good Men, to show the actor spelling out his support for the Democrat. In one segment, his The Shining character Jack Torrance says, "Things could be better, Lloyd. Things could be a whole lot better," while the message, "Clinton has a plan to deal with the nearly 47 million Americans without health care", flashes up on screen. In another, his character from A Few Good Men says, "There's nothing sexier than saluting a woman." The ad, dubbed "Jack and Hill" appeared on filesharing websites over the weekend (01-02Mar08). Nicholson appears as himself, endorsing the video clip - but it was made without Clinton's approval. Jack and Hill spokesperson Yusuf K. Robb says, "They (Nicholson and Reiner) decided to do this as something on their own to assist her campaign."