Jack Nicholson almost turned his back on an acting career during his youth after suffering a loss of confidence, according to his pal Robert Vaughn.
The Shining actor became so frustrated while rehearsing scenes with Vaughn in a mid-1950s acting class, he considered embarking on a different career path.
But, in his upcoming memoir, A Fortunate Life, Vaughn reveals he managed to persuade Nicholson to change his mind.
Vaughn writes, "He declared, `Vaughnie, I'm going to give myself two more years in this business. Then I'm going to look for another way to make a living.'
"'Hang in there, Jack,' I told him. 'You're too young to quit.'"
Nicholson took the advice, finally "figured out how to do this thing called acting", and shot to fame in 1969's Easy Rider.