Movie legend Jack Nicholson invented a real-life romance with co-star DIANE KEATON to sell their latest film Something's Gotta Give, according to Keaton herself.

The veteran actors - who first worked together on Warren Beatty's 1981 film REDS - reportedly fell in love while filming the romantic comedy. But the ANNIE HALL star, 58, insists the rumour was just another of the BATMAN star's mischievous stunts.

She says, "You know Jack! He wants to sell the movie. He's the great entertainer. He'll say anything."

But the OSCAR-winning actress admits she felt a huge attraction for the 66-year-old screen legend.

She adds, "I've had the biggest crush on him for 20 years. How can you not, even now? He's irresistible. Did I tell him that? Sure, he knows.

"I told him all the time."

09/02/2004 13:55