Jack Nicholson called a summit meeting before the 2003 Oscars to discuss the war in Iraq and decide whether it was proper to attend.

The movie heavyweight called his fellow Best Actor nominees DANIEL DAY-LEWIS, Michael Caine, Nicolas Cage and Adrien Brody to his Hollywood home.

According to eventual winner Brody, all but Day-Lewis made it to the "major powwow", and he admits he was flattered and amazed to find himself chatting with Jack.

He says, "It was like, 'Should we got to the ceremony? Should we not? What's appropriate?' Jack wanted to have a consensus.

"I'm sitting around with these big shots; everyone's smoking cigars and cigarettes and drinking. And I'm, like, wishing I smoked a cigar but I didn't dare. I'm sitting there trying to contain my excitement.

"I kind of joked around, saying, 'Well, you know, you guys have all been through this before, but I think I have to show up. I kind of want to show up.' "

11/11/2003 02:14