Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson thinks he could learn a few things from his current film ANGER MANAGEMENT - as he believes his short fuse has sometimes got the better of him.

In a recent incident, Nicholson exploded while filming for an as yet untitled Nancy Meyers movie alongside Diane Keaton and MATRIX RELOADED star Keanu Reeves.

Nicholson says, "I blew my stack on the set for absolutely no reason. Every once in a while, I just have to let it out. I always regret it later.

"I find myself thinking a couple of hours later, 'Could I have solved that without blowing up?' It seems ridiculous that, after all these years, I have no other way.

"I agree with the line in Anger Management that says, 'Your temper is the one thing you can't get rid of by losing it.'"

The EASY RIDER star adds, "I get worked up because I want to give the best. I just can't accept anything that falls below the standard I try to set myself."

20/05/2003 16:56