The mother of Jack Nicholson's children has pleaded guilty to assault in a moment of air rage on a 2002 Virgin Atlantic flight.

Rebecca Broussard, 40, who had two kids with Nicholson, was ordered to abstain from alcohol and drugs for a month, and she now plans to reimburse Virgin more than $26,000 (GBP16,250).

Broussard, who appeared as REBECCA KELLY in court on Monday (30JUN03), became angry when airline staff stopped serving her alcohol on a flight from Los Angeles to London.

The actress allegedly hit and swore at an attendant before she was handcuffed. The flight was diverted to Winnipeg, Canada, where she was arrested.

Her lawyer RICHARD WOLSON claimed the air rage incident was triggered by his client's fear of flying.

02/07/2003 02:35