Hollywood playboy Jack Nicholson's alleged penchant for prostitutes has been outed in former co-star Debra Winger's new autobiography UNDISCOVERED.
Winger joined Nicholson on the big screen in 1983 Oscar-winning movie Terms of Endearment, co-starring Danny DeVito and Shirley MACLaine.
And among her own intimate revelations, the actress recalls a shocking encounter with Nicholson after the pair landed in Germany to promote the movie.
She writes, "I had never been there (to Germany) and was relentlessly joking with Jack (Nicholson) about how I, as a Jew, would be treated. He finally told me to stop, that these paranoid fantasies had little to do with modern Germany and that I should relax and enjoy the trip - and perhaps join him on his search for the perfect brothel."
Winger's book - her first - is slated for release next month (Jun08).