QUINCY star Jack Klugman has won the right to be allowed access to the contract related to his time on the U.S. series - after a judge ordered TV bosses to provide him with a copy of the documents.
The actor filed a suit against TV executives at NMC in America in March (08), insisting the studio owes him profits from the hit show 25 years after it last aired.
Klugman claimed he asked NBC bosses to turn over all papers in connection with the show, but was turned away with a letter that said they were "unable to comply with your request."
The 85-year-old also states his own copy of the contract was lost when his agent died, prompting him to demand the copy from NBC.
And on Wednesday (25Jun08), a Los Angeles judge ordered the network to allow Klugman access to the papers.
The contracts are to be used in a bid to force NBC bosses to provide the cash Klugman claims he's owed, plus legal fees.
The network has 15 days to hand over the contracts.