Jack Kevorkian, who became known as 'Dr Death' for his work assisting suicides for terminally ill patients, has died aged 83, reports the New York Times. Jack Kevorkian, who passed away early Friday morning (3rd May 2011) was played by Al Pacino in the acclaimed 2010 Hbo movie 'You Don't Know Jack'.
According to his lawyer, Kevorkian died at the Beaumont Hospital in Michigan, where he had been treated for the past two weeks for kidney and heart problems. He was believed to have assisted in 130 suicides and was convicted of second-degree murder in 1999. He was sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison but was released in 2007. Kevorkian's story reached an international audience when Pacino took on the role for the Golden Globe-winning 'You Don't Know Jack'. The movie, which was also nominated for 15 Emmy Awards, also starred Susan Sarandon and John Goodman. Speaking after the movie was released, Pacino said despite the reported 130 suicides, Kevorkian only helped specialist cases, saying, "He turned away the vast majority of people who came to him, he didn't take money for what he did, and he did not see these patients as people he was killing,", adding, "He saw them as people whose pain he could relieve."
During a 2010 interview with Anderson Cooper, Kevorkian was asked whether he had any regrets, to which he replied, "No, why would I?".