Surf rocker Jack Johnson hopes his eco-friendly approach to touring will encourage his fans to live their lives with the environment in mind.

The GOOD PEOPLE hitmaker made sure all the buses he and his crew used last year (05) ran on bio-diesel, only reusable water bottles were sold at his shows, and all merchandise was made with organic or recycled materials.

Johnson, who was awarded a Climate Cool certification by the non-profit Climate Neutral Network in recognition of his efforts, says, "It's so easy to fall into the path of just doing what everybody else does out of convenience, so we did this for the kids, especially the younger audience that comes to our shows, to let them know that you don't have to follow the norm and see that you can make a change if you want to.

"Once we started touring on buses... I started to look at what we were doing, and I wanted to do something that could make a little less of an ecological footprint.

"Now that I'm in a position where I can do good, I've personally felt the responsibility to put the light on some issues that are bigger than myself."