The former Boardwalk Empire star, who plays Mr. Wickham in the seriously revamped version of Jane Austen's literary classic, admits he regrets not being in better shape when it came to the movie's fencing scenes with Sam Riley.

"Me and Sam weren't as in-shape as we could've been, so there was lots of wheezing in between takes," Jack told WENN. "Our fight co-ordinator, Maurice, kept giving us wet towels to put over our heads.

"I didn't know I was that out of shape. Thank God I was training for Ben Hur at the time, because if I wasn't, I might've died that night! I did do some sword training and every now and again, when we had the chance, we'd throw some sticks at each other."

Huston reveals he and his castmates all had to sign up for a period drama bootcamp at horse expert Sam Dent's farm in England, so they could perfect horseriding.

"They take you to a place called the Dent Farm, and even if you're not on a horse in the film, they put you on a horse," Huston added. "You always felt embarrassed watching what the women were doing, and I'm stuck carrying the bucket!"