LaTOYA JACKSON claims her ex-husband Jack Gordon forced her to read from a script when she made damning allegations against her brother MICHAEL when he first faced child molestation charges.

In 1993, LaToya drove a wedge between herself and her family when she made suggested that she believed he might have done it. She also alleged that he would often be holed up in his room for a number of days with young boys.

But LaToya, who recently spoke out on American TV show 20/20 to defend her brother's innocence in a new set of child molestation charges, now insists her ex - who she claims physically abused her throughout their marriage - pushed her into making the charges. She says, "Would I do this on my own? Absolutely not. I love my brother... I did what I was told to do. I have to admit I was professional when it came to that."

But LaToya also admits that she and Michael have never spoken about the comments which temporarily estranged her from her family, explaining it's not the family way.

She adds, "We do talk, we do touch on subjects, but a heart-to-heart sit down? No. In my family, no. We kind of breeze over topics. It's always done that way for some odd reason, but it's okay. It works and that's what's important."

24/01/2005 21:20