Actor Jack Davenport was banned from commercial castings in the early days of his career because of his bad attitude.
The Pirates of the Caribbean star admits he became arrogant when he started out, and it ended up limiting his job opportunities.
He tells Britain's Metro newspaper, "You can take rejection personally but part of surviving in this business is not to. I had a tough time early on going for commercials because I didn't fit either type they look for - the male model or the super geek.
"I knew I wouldn't get some of them, so my attitude was quite poor. I was banned from commercial castings. Despite the fact you could see in their eyes there was no way you'd get the job, they'd still get you to do the humiliating b**locks the advert required.
"They asked me to writhe around on top of a piano with an invisible woman, so I asked them to show me. There was stunned silence. I said: 'If you can't show me, I don't know how to do it,' and stroppily left the room. That's the arrogance of youth, though."