British rock icon Jack Bruce has called for Simon Cowell's extermination - because he believes the music mogul is single-handedly wrecking the industry.
The Cream star insists so many great acts would never have made it in the 1960s if Cowell had been a major part of the music business - and the bass player fears for the future of music under svengalis like the man behind TV talent shows The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent.
Bruce tells Britain's Uncut magazine, "He should be exterminated.
"You can pretty much guarantee that had that b**tard Cowell been around at the beginning of the '60s, he would have stopped it all from happening: 'Bob Dylan, sing in tune and stop whining, you big-nosed b**tard'. No, he's a human fire blanket. A vile individual."
Bruce isn't the only legend taking aim at Cowell - Sir Elton John and The Who frontman Roger Daltrey have also recently blasted the star maker for filling the charts with overnight sensations.