Theatre mogul Andrew Lloyd Webber teamed up with Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes to bring the 2003 movie to the New York Stage, and it opened at the Winter Garden theatre on Sunday night (06Dec15).

Many of the reviewers were full of praise for actor Alex Brightman, who takes on the school teacher role made famous by Black, but insisted the show lacked the charisma injected by the Hollywood actor.

The Guardian's Alexis Soloski writes, "The movie worked as well as it did because Black has an unlikely, ungovernable, unbottle-able charisma. Mr Brightman is merely quite likeable, which makes it harder to invest in a loser like (the school teacher character)... It wants to please and please it does. But rock it doesn't."

"In terms of screen-to-stage remakes, this is neither the most imaginative nor the most pedestrian of them, falling somewhere in the respectable midrange," writes David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter, and the New York Times' Ben Brantley adds, "School of Rock is unlikely to restore Mr. Lloyd Webber to the throne from which he ruled Broadway four decades ago... But this show... is his friskiest in decades."

However, many of the critics agreed the show is held together by the joyful enthusiasm of the young cast members who portray the schoolchildren learning to play rock music.

The Los Angeles Times' Charles MCNulty concludes, "The youngsters from the new musical School of Rock are on a rescue mission... They are doing all they can to redeem this synthetic stage adaptation of the movie that starred a perfectly cast Jack Black.

"The kids are all right. Actually, they're better than all right. They're downright charming - a breath of fresh air in a musical that too often settles for stale competence."