Jack Black has been banned from performing on his birthday.

The 'Year One' actor had hoped to celebrate turning 40 by playing a huge concert with his rock band Tenacious D - supporting Pearl Jam in San Francisco - but he has been banned by producers on his latest film 'Gulliver's Travels'.

He revealed: "I thought that'd be a good way to turn 40 - in front of a huge rock and roll audience. It would have been fantastic.

"But the filmmakers wouldn't let me because they said I might still be shooting. I said, 'Come on, please. I'm a star, let me off for one day.' But they said, 'No, we pay you and you have to work on your birthday.' "

Jack thinks he has now come up with the perfect revenge plan after being denied his dream.

He quipped: "I'm going to be bad in the movie on purpose that day. That'll teach them!"