Jack Black is taking extra care to make sure he doesn't make any unofficial big announcements at the Cannes Film Festival after inadvertently revealing Kung Fu Panda co-star Angelina Jolie was pregnant with twins the last time they were there.
Three years ago (08) an embarrassed Black let the big news slip during an NBC news interview with Jolie when he joked, "You're gonna have as many as the Brady Bunch with these ones."
A stunned Jolie laughed off the gaffe, and when she was asked if she was pregnant, she responded, "Jack's just confirmed it."
She is not pregnant this time around and Black is on his best behaviour as he teams up with Jolie again to promote the Kung Fu Panda sequel.
He says, "I have not been given any scoops to accidentally drop this time."
Jolie joked, "I desperately want to give you one."