Movie funnyman Jack Black has inked a deal to star in Peter Jackson's upcoming King Kong remake - after the Lord Of The Rings director revealed he was a huge fan.

SCHOOL OF ROCK star Black has been signed to play CARL DENHAM, an adventurer film-maker, in the blockbuster alongside OSCAR nominee NAOMI WATTS.

Jackson enthuses, "I've been wanting to work with Jack Black ever since I am saw him in High Fidelity.

"He's a smart and versatile actor blessed with an abundance of energy and charm and I'm absolutely thrilled that he is joining us on 'Kong'."

THE RING star Watts will play ANN DARROW - played by FAYE WRAY in the 1933 classic - an American actress who makes a living performing in Broadway song and dance shows.

The film - to be shot in Jackson's native New Zealand - is to be written by Jackson along with his Lord of the Rings co-screenwriters -Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens.

30/03/2004 17:29