Movie funnyman Jack Black was delighted to hear he wouldn't be sharing a recording booth with Robert De Niro while laying down his voice for animated film SHARK TALE - because he'd be petrified.

The SCHOOL OF ROCK star was dreading the prospect of teaming up with his hero, who plays his father in the film, because De Niro is such an intimidating presence.

Black explains, "I did it with an actor who was pretending to be Robert De Niro. There are some advantages to that because you can do as many takes as you want all day long and not feel bad.

"If De Niro was there, I would go, 'Were you good? Because if you're good, I'm good. I don't want to keep you waitin' here.' None of that.

"I'd be scared of him, so it was easier in many respects."

24/08/2004 09:25