It's rarely hard to make Jack Black look scruffy, the 42 year-old actor often content to lounge around in jeans while out in public - it's his look, and that's one of the reasons why we love him, it's fine. However, Black was left looking foolish next to his 'Bernie' co-star Matthew Mcconaughey as the pair turned up to the premiere of the film and graced the red carpet.
The Daily Mail reports that MCConaughey - one of the heart throbs of the 90s it has to be said - was looking as dashing as ever wearing a suave suit that showed the 42 year-old to be looking more than comfortable moving into his middle ages. Black on the other hand opted for his usual fare - jeans, a red t-shirt and a blazer with some comfortable looking shoes, and looked a touch out of place. Thankfully for him, the film's director Richard Linklater also appared to be a fan of dressing down and arrived for the premiere also in jeans and a blazer, a grey jumper on underneath.
In fact, it seemed like of the men only MCConaughey was making the effort; Ethan Hawke showed up to support the film wearing a baseball cap and a robust but unshowey looking black coat. Thank goodness some of the women turned up on the night too, Coco Rocha and Theresa Moore bringing some much needed stylistic class to proceedings.