Jack Black may not return for 'Goosebumps 2'.

The second instalment of the fantasy-action film was given the go-ahead earlier this year but, although many people automatically assumed that the 48-year-old actor would reprise his role as R.L. Stine for the blockbuster, it's believed there's a chance he may not be able to as Rob Lieber - who has been attached to the movie - reportedly hasn't included his character in the sequel, according to Cinema Blend.

However, the publication has claimed there are several scripts - some featuring R.L Stine - floating around and Sony are yet to select which one they want to work with.

The news that he may not be included in the sequel probably won't go down too well with Black as he recently admitted he would love to come face-to-face with a ghoul in real life before he passes away.

He said: ''I never saw a ghost when I was a kid. I was more scared of girls.

''I'd have loved to have seen a ghost.

''It's on my bucket list: 'See a ghost.' It's right behind: 'See a UFO.' ''

Meanwhile, the studio is reportedly in talks with filmmaker Rob Letterman about reprising his role as the helmer on the forthcoming film after agreeing deals for producers Deborah Forte and Neal H. Moritz's return.

Goosebumps' is said to have generated $157 million for the studio - $80 million domestically and $77 million internationally - from its $57 million budget.