Jack Black is ''tired of frat boy comedies''.

The funyman plays a character who has a darker side in his latest movie, 'Bernie', and was drawn to the role because it was different to the type of role he is famous for.

He said: ''[I was] getting tired of the old kind of frat guy comedies and I was looking for something else. Someone who's not a lovable loser, who's not entirely sympathetic.

''That's difficult for me because I love to be liked. So to play a role where there's some grey area, that's, a vulnerable terrain to tread.''

Jack isn't a fan of big budget blockbusters either and he knew when he was shooting 2005's 'King Kong' remake he didn't want to appear in those types of films.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, he said: ''I don't like these jobs with a big, bloated budget and you sit in the trailer all day.''

'Bernie' is the true story of Texan funeral director Bernie Tiede and his relationship with much older widow Majorie Nugent, who he confessed to murdering in November 1996.

Jack met Bernie to research the role and to understand what happened.

He said: ''I talked to him about his friendship with Marjorie and they were, uh, sort of best friends. There was nothing sexual. Also, talking to Bernie, I realised that he and Marjorie were stuck together and that's why he couldn't get away.''