Jack Black has surreal memories of his "hippie" wedding day - the guests of honour were stuffed animals.
The movie star and Tanya Haden eloped to Big Sur, California in March 2006 - and the bride insisted on bringing her cuddly toy collection with her.
Black tells Blender magazine, "They had a special package deal where you can get married by a woman named Soaring... The ceremony was pretty hippie, spacey and non-denominational.
"(It was) just us, Soaring, a photographer and Tanya's stuffed animals. She has a bunch of stuffed animals that she gives voice to.
"All her animals and characters were there - Quacker, Imaginary Bear, Pee, Richard, Harold - and they were the witnesses."
And when the newlyweds returned to Los Angeles, they staged a party for family and friends during which Haden put on a puppet show.
Black recalls, "(It was) all about Quacker, the duck, who was a little bit p**sed off because he was best friends with Tanya.
"A slide show that he narrated told the story of how we came together and fell in love, and how he was crushed by loneliness."