Jack Black has struggled to remain grounded throughout his Hollywood career - because he has been "spoiled" by all the trappings of his movie star lifestyle.
The School of Rock star shot to fame in 2000's High Fidelity and has since joined the acting A-list with high profile roles including 2005's King Kong and Tropic Thunder.
Black is adamant he has tried to keep a sense of normality as he pursues his Hollywood dream, but admits he finds it hard to resist when he is given such special treatment.
He says, "When you first start working in movies, you think, 'What's going on? Why are they spoiling me? I'm so pampered, I don't need this big trailer or these plasma TVs and all the things they are giving me.' Then, quickly you get used to it and then you get spoiled and think you deserve all these things and then you expect them. I don't know how it happens but this industry has a way of changing people very fast. You start thinking things are difficult when, really, you are blessed with a very exciting, fun life."