Hollywood star Jack Black honed his comedic skills as a child, when he would tell his school classmates he had "magical powers". The School Of Rock actor decided he wanted to work in the entertainment industry from a young age. The 37-year-old says, "I remember I just wanted the other children to think I had magical powers, that I was special. That's where my entertainment bug comes from. That's where I really honed my skills. "I would tell the other kids, 'I have the power. There's a dragon comes into the bathroom and leaves you sweets...' I would take them into the bathroom - I know this sounds sick, but it was really totally innocent - and I would turn off the lights and then the air conditioner would go on every 30 seconds and make a noise. I'd say, 'That's the dragon,' and I would turn on the light and show them the sweets that I had already put over by the toilet. They would go, 'Aaah!' and I think I knew a real dragon. "I don't know why I had a need to do that."