Actor Jack Black has been bedridden for a week - after contracting a mystery vomiting virus.
The High Fidelity star came down with a nasty bug last weekend (06-07Jun09) and has spent the last week unable to leave the house.
Black insists he had no idea what was wrong with him at the time and was convinced he was dying.
He says, "Just last weekend, I thought I was knocking on death's door. I have never had this thing before where it has to go out of you in all directions. I'm not going into the grisly details, but it was explosive. Simultaneous explosions. I was wondering whether it was the sushi I ate or whether I caught it from someone and the doctor said it was the latter."
Black, who was at home with his wife and two young sons, was terrified he might pass on his condition to little Sam, three, and Thomas, 12 months: "It's harder when you've got two babies, because you're exploding, then you're washing your hands 'cos you don't want to get them sick either. It's a constant battle to stay clean."
And the star admits the most embarrassing incident came after he had seen a doctor, who ordered him to hand over a urine sample for testing.
Black adds, "We had the doctor come over, he wanted a sample, so I gave him a sample. But he didn't take it - this guy came over with this bio-hazard bucket and I put it in and then he said, 'I know you'. I felt a little vulnerable to be recognised at that moment."