American funnyman Jack Black picked up an unusual acting technique from actor pal JIM CARREY - farting in front of co-stars.

When the pair filmed 1996 movie CABLE GUY together, Carrey would fart loudly to receive good reactions from his co-stars.

Black has been copying him ever since, and found the technique useful during the filming of his box office smash School Of Rock.

He explains, "Before he said any of his lines he just ripped the loudest, longest, juiciest fart. I did it later in High Fidelity.

"I was embarrassed because everyone thought it was accidental, so I didn't do it again until SCHOOL OF ROCK. I brought it out one more time 'cause I thought 'come on, lets really do this thing, Jim Carrey-style.'"

29/01/2004 00:11