Jack Black suffered through new movie TROPIC THUNDER with bruised ribs - but the pain was nothing compared to the fear of an arthropod attack.
The funnyman admits stories of a killer, man-eating centipede led to many nervous hours as Black and his castmates and crew waded through the jungles of Hawaii, where the film was shot.
He admits, "There are creepy crawlies in there and apparently they got real dangerous centipedes. You think it's gonna be a fun video game but real centipedes, if they bite you, it's like getting shot with a bullet; it's that painful!
"You can try to control the jungle but no one could clear all the centipedes. The nooks and crannies, where they hide, are impossible to find."
But at least his centipede fear took his mind off his breathing troubles on the set.
Black explains, "On the very first day of shooting I was carrying the biggest gun and I had to be running, shooting, diving with the gun and I landed funny on the gun and I heard something pop.
"I bruised my rib and you know how that goes; if you get a rib bruise it lasts for about six weeks of not being able to breathe all the way in. It's such a drag."