Actor-turned-rocker Jack Black often lies to promoters so he doesn't have to play any charity gigs in Los Angeles.
The School Of Rock star has performed numerous concerts in the city with his band Tenacious D to raise cash for various causes.
But Black is refusing to play any more benefit shows because he's convinced no one will turn up - and he always makes excuses for the group's absence by blaming his bandmate Kyle Gass.
He tells Total Film magazine, "Me and Kyle, Tenacious D, have been performing a lot of benefit shows, raising money for different causes in L.A. We just reached a critical mass: we did, like, 100 in a row, and we raised a lot of money, and now we just noticed that we've tapped the market. This town has seen enough Tenacious D.
"So now when people ask if we'll do this cause, I know in my mind we're not going to raise much money. No one's coming. But I can't say that, so I'll usually just say, 'Damn, I really want to, but Kyle's out of town.' Horrible confession!
"He doesn't even know when I've thrown him under a bus!"