Funnyman Jack Black has something to celebrate ahead of the New Year (11) - he's kicked his nicotine addiction after struggling with the habit for 20 years.
The Tropic Thunder star beat his decades-long cigarette habit when he welcomed his first son in 2006 - but he became addicted to nicotine chewing gum.
And it's taken him another four years to stop relying on it to stop his cravings.
He says, "It's been like an ongoing on and off thing for like 20 years but I've been off the cigarettes for years - ever since I had my boy.
"The big thing I just recently achieved is getting off the nicotine gum because that's the real thing. If you're still chewing the gum the nicotine is still in your system - you haven't done nothing... I've powered through and now I deserve massive applause, no gum!"