Hollywood star Jack Black has been forced to accept his physique - because his efforts to lose weight have always failed.

The SCHOOL OF ROCK star has attempted dieting in the past, but finds his body size remains constant.

Black has now learnt to become content with his figure, and will happily flaunt it on screen.

He says, "I've had a constant battle with food. I never lose weight. When I'm working, I sometimes drop a few pounds, but most of the time I'm this size.

"I'd love to lose weight, but I've made peace with my body. I'm OK with my weight now."

Instead, funnyman Black finds his biggest challenge in life is to achieve a sociable sleep pattern.

He adds, "My main problem is that I'm an insomniac. That's just how my body is. I like to stay up all night and then sleep from 6am to 2pm."

20/01/2004 21:20