A late-night shopping trip fuelled by heroin made Jack Black realise the drug wasn't for him.
The School of Rock star insists he only tried the hard drug once after failing to throw a small amount an acquaintance gave him away.
Black made sure his then-girlfriend was with him when he experimented one night.
He tells Blender magazine, "It didn't agree with me. I couldn't really feel my legs, and my heart felt like it was slowing down too much.
"I thought, 'Oh my God, it's going to shut me down. I'm going to die.'
"I went down to the 7-Eleven (convenience store) at the bottom of the hill, and I had this strange sensation that my legs were pumping, but the feet were just sort of lifeless stumps.
"I did a little shopping and then walked back up the hill and survived. And never did it again."