Movie funnyman Jack Black is so desperate to play his hero Ozzy Osbourne, he's personally courting the rocker's wife SHARON to steal the role from COLIN FARRELL.

Irishman Farrell is the favourite to land the part in a planned biopic, but SHALLOW HAL star Black is convinced he's a better choice - and he went on Sharon's American chat show to tell her.

Appearing on Friday's (10SEP03) SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW, the comic said, "Ozzy has been a huge influence on me and I've been tracking the Ozzy movie and I know that you're thinking about going with some Irish dude. I am saying bad call.

"I am Ozzy, if anyone's Ozzy. I am Ozzy because Colin's a good looking dude, he's got the right attitude, but he doesn't know the rock.

"Before you cast him let's have a head to head rock off or something."

Sharon was so impressed she practically offered Black the job on the spot.

She giggled, "Ozzy is watching in Boston. I think you've got a deal."

13/10/2003 02:45