Funnyman Jack Black fears he'll have to wait until pal Sacha Baron Cohen's hit film BORAT comes out on DVD because the British star won't send him a screener copy. Black has been desperate to see the comedy movie but becoming a dad has stopped him from seeing films at the cinema for the past five months. And movie executives are so keen to make sure the film isn't pirated, they've refused to let Cohen send his pal a screener. Frustrated Black says, "I'm friends with Sacha so I can't wait to see Borat, but they're pulling a lockdown on that DVD. "Usually, I can pull a Hollywood strings and a secret DVD screener will be sent to me, but that was not so with Borat." Black isn't surprised his pal has scored a big hit with the controversial new film - because he thinks Cohen is a comedy genius. He adds, "He's just very thoughtful and very smart. I think he approaches it like a scientist, like a chemist. He has a great mind for it. "Somebody told me that he went in and gave notes on (satirical puppet film) TEEN AMERICA, WORLD POLICE. (Creators) TREY (PARKER) and MATT (STONE) from South Park sought his advice. If they ask his advice you know he's got the goods."