Jack Black is so impressed with his own wrestling prowess after training for new movie NACHO LIBRE he's keen to try out his fighting skills on martial arts action man Steven Seagal. The movie funnyman trained with a real-life Mexican wrestler to play the Spandex-clad hero of the new film - and how he fancies his chances against Seagal. Black tells American magazine Sports Illustrated, "I should take down someone who is strong, so Steven Seagal (would be perfect) - with his ridiculous Indian gear, ponytail and swagger. "He's the best fighter in the world in his own mind, so I'll take him down two notches with my Anaconda Squeeze and Face Melter." Black also quips he has developed his own unsavoury wrestling move: "The Wind of A Lion is basically a submission hold. "You get the guy down, you sit on his face and then you release the lion's wind. That usually spells complete defeat."