LATEST: Jack Black blames his wife for his Angelina Jolie slip up at the Cannes Film Festival - because she told him the actress was expecting twins just before he joined her for a major TV interview.
The portly funnyman admits he was blindsided by his wife Tanya Haden's Jolie news and decided to repeat it during an interview with U.S. breakfast show Today.
He now admits he didn't realise the fact his co-star was expecting twins was little more than a tabloid rumour at that point.
Black explains, "It was my wife's fault... because she told me, `Oh yeah, Angelina Jolie's expecting twins,' so I just assumed everyone knew that but she had just read it in the Enquirer or something. I made it official."
The actor feared his headline making announcement would upset his co-star, but he admits Jolie was relieved someone had broken the news.
He adds, "She wanted to spill the beans but didn't know how to gracefully and I just accidentally spilled the beans... It was cool."