Actor Jack Black was forced to evacuate his California home twice last week (ends13Apr07) following a fire and an infestation of ants. The unlucky School Of Rock star spent a few days in a nearby hotel with his wife and 10-month-old baby son. He says, "Last week there was a fire on my block and there were gale force winds. So the fire department was evacuating everybody in my neighbourhood. "And when we came back after they got it under control, the house was covered in ants... There was, like, thousands, it was a full-on infestation. "We moved out. If I was a tough guy, I would have stayed. I tried to mop them up a little bit but they were mad, they were biting. We have a little baby and they were infesting the nursery area. And that's where I draw the line. We're out. "So we re-evacuated, and went to hotel where we had to wait over the weekend. The exterminator won't come on the weekend. "We've got a baby so we don't want to spray the place with poison. So we try and find the hippy-dippy exterminator guy and he comes with the long hair and he's gonna kill all the ants with love. And he takes one look at the thousands of ants and says, 'I'm sorry, I've got to bust out the poisons.' So he squirted down the poisons. "And the key was to kill the queen ant in the ant hives beneath the house. If you kill the queen the colony will fall."