In the piece, titled Dog Or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz, the Girls creator, whose mother is Jewish, asks readers to decide whether the statements she makes in the article apply to her Jewish boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, or their pet dog.

She then lists things like, "He doesn't tip", and "I feel that he is judgmental about the food I serve him", adding, "This is because he comes from a culture in which mothers focus every ounce of their attention on their offspring and don't acknowledge their own need for independence as women. They are sucked dry by their children, who ultimately leave them as soon as they find suitable mates."

The piece has upset many prominent Jews, including Jordana Horn, who has responded to Dunham's article on website Kveller, stating, "I suppose Lena Dunham feels that she has some sort of humor EZ Pass, and The New Yorker has indulged her in that thinking... because apparently Jews are a group you can make fun of and it is deemed kinda intellectual and funny to do so."

She adds, "If you take issue with what I'm saying, then do me a favour and imagine this same essay entitled, 'Dog or Black Boyfriend? A Quiz.' Much easier to imagine that essay running in a Ku Klux Klan newsletter than The New Yorker, am I right? But somehow, a piece like this running in The New Yorker in 2015 is supposed to be OK with us."

Meanwhile, one Twitter user, writes, "@NewYorker Wow. Do you post every piece of anti-Semitic drivel that gets submitted, or only if its written by @lenadunham?"

The piece has also been attacked by Anti-Defamation League officials - National Chairman Abraham H. Foxman was not happy with the stereotypes in Dunham's piece and stated the dog comparison evoked memories of "the 'No Jews or Dogs Allowed' signs from our own early history in this country."

The New Yorker's editor David Remnick has defended his guest writer, stating, "The Jewish-comic tradition is rich with the mockery of, and playing with, stereotypes. Has Mr. Foxman never heard Lenny Bruce or Larry David or Sarah Silverman...? Lena Dunham is a comic voice working in that vein."